Tutor The Future was founded in 2010 by David Kresh. During his high school years, he decided to tutor students for Honor Society. With the goal of forming it into a company one day, he would would tell the students to tell their friends about him. As word of mouth began to increase, David decided to finally turn his dream, and enormous passion for teaching and mentoring, into “Tutor The Future.”

David believes tutoring is all about heart. To tutor math, science, or any other subject effectively, you need to have your heart in it 100%; anything less is unacceptable. We make it a promise to you that our team of tutors will exemplify the “4 C’s” of our business: charisma, compassion, commitment, and “clever-fullness.” Within the first few sessions, we know the student will feel these attributes in their tutor. And once that occurs, their confidence will be boosted, as well as their grades.

Tutor the Future Mission Statement

To provide a fun and interactive learning environment with the highest level of care and commitment so that passing does not only mean greater grades, but also greater self-confidence!

5 Keys of a successful tutoring system

  1. Teach/Tutor: Tutor the subject with heart, passion, love, and enthusiasm.
  2. Organize: Organize the student with a neat notebook, legible handwriting, and good time management skills.
  3. Motivate: Motivate the student by understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Praising them for overcoming a weakness and challenging them with their strengths is an essential part of motivation that will help them achieve their full potential.
  4. Monitor: Monitor the student’s progress by overlooking the student’s notebook, quizzes, tests, and other assessments.
  5. Interact: Interact with the student by getting to know them first. We have a genuine interest in the student’s interests and want to apply them to the subject. We also want interaction with parents, guardians, brothers, sisters, and friends involved in the tutoring process. The more minds involved, the better.